The principles of Rethinking Construction and partnering were embraced by Conlon Construction over 25 years ago. The company built upon an existing ethos of client focus and co-operation to introduce industry initiatives and accreditation for our management systems. These initiatives proved a catalyst for modernising methods of work and bringing the whole workforce behind the aims of the business. This has resulted in enhanced reliability in terms of quality and timescale. Our overall aim is to achieve the targets embraced by Constructing Excellence and help drive change through innovation and collaboration.

Our company culture has been strengthened by increasing our staff awareness to clients’ needs and allowing an understanding of the wider project requirements. The introduction of our supply chain arrangements for suppliers and sub-contractors has produced tangible benefits in price and service.


Teamwork is an important aspect of all our projects and we actively encourage the bringing together of each project team to firmly establish the overall aims and objectives of the project at an early stage.

Improved management and communication methods bring added value to projects enabling staff in both the contractor’s and client’s offices to concentrate on the critical elements of design and planning.  This better use of resources ensures Best Value is delivered to our clients.

Negotiated and partnered work now accounts for approximately 75% of our current turnover, a figure which we seek to increase through the establishment of further partnering framework agreements.