Sponsored Charity of the Year

January 25, 2023 - News

Our sponsored charity for the next 2 years is Unseen. Unseen supports survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking to rebuild their lives, helping them to escape their situation through the use of their Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline and taking care of them in Unseen safehouses. Unseen tackles the root causes of the issues by informing those who may come into contact with slavery in their everyday work of the signs and actions they can take, and influencing the government to develop a strategic approach to support all victims and end modern slavery.

Managing Director, Guy Parker said:

We are very pleased to be sponsoring Unseen for the next 24 months and promoting awareness of modern slavery at our head office and across all of our projects. We will be arranging a number of fundraising events to provide donations and will also be employing Unseen’s advisory services to ensure all of our staff are aware of the signs associated with, and the actions we can take, to eliminate modern slavery.